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At Make a Certificate, you can create 1 certificate or 1000 certificates absolutely free. Our certificate maker below will allow you to choose from our selection of twelve certificate borders and all wording is fully editable. Simply select a certificate border, change or add any text that you like, then just click the "Make a Certificate" button to open your custom printable certificates into a new window or tab.

See "Printing Tips" for more detailed instructions. For questions or comments "Contact Us".

Enjoy making your free certificates!

Certificate Maker to Make Your Free Certificates

Select one of our twelve certificate borders:

Then change, delete or add text below by clicking on the text and using your keyboard.

Choose from twelve certificate borders

The "Make a Certificate" button will open your certificate in a new window or tab for printing. Close the window or tab to return.

Use the "Reset Certificate" button below to reset the wording and re-start your certificate.

If you cannot make a certificate, see "Printing Tips" for more information.

Printing Tips

General Information

The procedures explained below are based on using either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browsers. Other browsers will probably work, but the procedures may be different. If you cannot make a certificate and our printing tips do not help, try using a different browser. Additional common printing problems and solutions are shown below.

To make a certificate and to print certificates, please use the following general procedures.

After navigating to our Certificate Maker, you are able to start customizing your certificate. You have a selection of twelve certificate borders to be chosen from a dropdown menu. The border you select should show immediately on the sample certificate. After selecting your certificate border, delete or add any wording on the sample certificate by simply clicking on any of the existing text to get a cursor. Then you can alter it with your keyboard.

After entering text and double checking your certificate, you are ready to print. Click on the button labeled "Make a Certificate" to open a new window or tab which will contain your custom certificate. This window or tab will open and probably cover up the original certificate maker. To return, simply close the new window or tab.

With Internet Explorer, you will print your certificate by selecting "File" on the menu across the top of the new window and then selecting "Print Preview". In Google Chrome, you will click the icon in the top right corner, then select print, or right click your mouse button anywhere and select print from the popup menu. In print preview, you should be able to view the certificate as it will be printed. Make sure the page orientation is set to landscape mode. You also will want to turn off the headers and footers. The headers and footers contain additional information that you will not want on your certificate. The additional page information are things like page numbers, file name, date, etc. In newer browsers, there is a button in print preview which will turn the headers and footers on and off. In older browsers, you may need to go to "Page Setup". Also, our certificates are designed to use 3/4 inch (or .75) page margins. There is more on page margins and page alignment below.

After completing the above procedures, you should be ready to print your certificate. If the certificate image looks correct in print preview, it will probably print correctly. If you are still experiencing printing problems, check the most common problems below. If you still are unable to make a certificate, contact us and we will try to help.

Common Printing Problems

Below are some of the most common printing problems with possible remedies.

If an unwanted background image is printing

When you are printing with print preview and a background image from a web site is showing and printing, you may be able to fix this. In Internet Explorer, you will need to click on "Tools" from the menu, then click on "Internet Options". A box should have opened which contains some tabs at the top. Click the one labeled "Advanced". In this list under "Printing" there should be an option called "Print background colors and images". Make sure the box beside this option is not checked.

Wording is missing from your certificates

Upon opening the new window for printing by clicking the make a certificate button you see that some or all of your wording in your custom certificate is wrong or is not showing, you should close that window or tab and return to the main certificate maker. Then check all of the text fields to make sure that everything is correct. If wording is not showing on the certificate maker page, then something needs to be changed. Try using less text or, if there are multiple lines available, try moving the text from one line to the other. Or you can click "Reset Certificate" and re-enter your information.

The certificate on the printing page is not aligning properly

The alignment of your certificates is mostly controlled by the page margins. For best results, the page margins should be at 3/4 inches (or .75). You can adjust the page margins in "Page Setup". In newer versions of Internet explorer, there is a "Page Setup" button in the "Print Preview" area. In older versions of Internet Explorer, you may need to click "File" on the file menu and then you can select "Page Setup". In Google Chrome, after you select print, there will be a selection there for page margins.

When your margins are set to 3/4 inches and your certificates are still not centered and/or not printing properly, you can adjust the margins to change this. You may have to play around with the margins to get your certificate perfectly centered. There may also be some additional settings in print preview that you can try for example "Change Print Size". This can be set at "100%", "shrink to fit" or you can try another setting.

How to make better looking certificates

The paper you use can make a huge difference in the looks and quality of your finished certificates. Visit a local office supply or discount store and find some "specialty" type paper. There are many types of paper you can use for your certificates. The paper size you need is 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches in size and it is usually available in various colors and textures with some being thicker than copy paper. Try to find something nicer than ordinary copy paper like a marble color or a light solid color with a slight texture. Your certificate printed on colored and/or thicker paper will seem more professional. Some of our certificate borders, especially the color ones, may or may not work well on a colored or textured paper. Be sure to experiment and practice printing with regular copy paper so you don't waste your specialty paper.

If you still have problems and cannot make a certificate or you have questions or comments about our certificates, please contact us and we will try to help.

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